When to Refinance a Home Mortgage

Choosing to refinance is a big decision. Our experienced Loan Specialists are standing by to help. Get answers with mortgage advice you can trust. Call today 1-877-654-7163.

Lower Your Payment

We have several ways to lower your monthly payment, including HARP (The Home Affordable Refinance Program), which could lower your monthly interest rate and your monthly payment. HARP guidelines have been expanded, so you may now qualify, even if you didn’t in the past.

Cash Out

Refinance your home and get cash to pay for college, home improvements, consolidating debt, and much more. Find out what refinancing options may be right for your cash out needs.

Switch to a Fixed Rate

Get the stability of the same principal and interest monthly payments. If your Adjustable Rate Mortgage is set to adjust or the payments are too high, it might be time to look at a fixed rate. Find out if home refinancing makes sense for you.

Refinance Mortgage Programs

Which refinance option is right for you? See comparison chart

Fixed Rate Mortgage View details

The most stable and straightforward loan to refinance your home

  • No principal or interest rate change
  • Variety of discount points and rates
  • Pick a popular term (10,15,20,25,30) or choose your own term (e.g., 17 years)
Adjustable Rate Mortgage View details

Adjust to a lower initial rate.

  • Great rates
  • Typically lower initial monthly payments
  • 3/1, 5/1, 7/1 adjustable rate terms
Jumbo Loans View details

Get a flexible loan for a larger amount.

  • Competitive rates
  • 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 year fixed rate term
  • 3/1, 5/1, 7/1 adjustable rate term option

Refinancing Home Mortgage Rates

Today's Rates
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About these rates

Refinance Calculators

Use our calculators to help you find answers to some common questions about home mortgage refinancing.

See how the rate adjustment can affect your monthly payment.

Find out how long it will take after you refinance your home to break even.

These calculators are provided only as tools to help you plan and prepare for buying or refinancing a home. Their results do not represent financial or investment advice. We do not guarantee their accuracy or that they will apply to your individual circumstances. Your actual costs and fees may vary.

Consult a qualified financial professional before making important personal finance decisions.

The Refinancing Process

Refinancing a home is a big decision. Let us help you understand how it all works. From applying for your loan to the closing process, we give it to you straight.

  • What are the steps?
  • Who does what in the refinancing process?
  • What do lenders look for?

How the loan process works

1. Get Ready
2. Apply
  • Complete your loan application
3. Get Approved
  • Initial review
  • Underwriting
  • Approval decision
5. Closing
  • Settlement costs & payments
  • Sign your papers

 Our experienced Loan Specialists are licensed in most states and are ready to walk you through the refinancing process. Call now: 1-877-654-7163. see hours of operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I refinance if my home has lost its value?

Yes. Even if your current mortgage balance is more than your home is worth, you may still be able to refinance and lower your monthly payment. To find out if you qualify get started online now or call your Loan Specialist at 1-877-654-7163, see hours of operation.

What if I’ve fallen behind on my payments?

We've helped thousands of homeowners get the home loan assistance they need. We can help you find a program that fits your particular situation and see if you qualify for a refinance, loan modification, or other home loan assistance program. To learn more visit Making Home Affordable.

What are the benefits of refinancing?

Refinancing has many benefits, depending on your financial goals. You can refinance to lower your rate, pay off your loan sooner, get cash out of your home to pay for a big purchase (i.e. education or home improvements), or switch from an Adjustable Rate to a Fixed Rate.

What are the closing costs involved in refinancing?

The closing costs when refinancing are often similar to when you purchased your home. These costs typically include lender fees and third party fees, such as for an appraisal and title insurance. Learn more about mortgage fees or call your Loan Specialist at 1-877-654-7163, see hours of operation.

Do I need to get an appraisal when I refinance?

Yes, in most cases, you will need an appraisal. If you have specific questions about the appraisal requirement, call a licensed Loan Specialist now: 1-877-654-7163, see hours of operation.

What is a “cash out” refinance mortgage?

Cash out refinancing is simply borrowing money from the equity in your home based on its value. For example, if your home is valued at $100,000 and your current mortgage balance is $50,000, you could take $20,000 cash out when you refinance, resulting in a new mortgage balance of $70,000.

Can I refinance if I have “bad credit”?

Even if you have had credit problems, you may be able to refinance. Get started online, or call us now at 1-877-654-7163, see hours of operation. to learn about your options.

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